0971 after updating a DMCL


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An 0971 error can occur after a successful update, GENERATE, punch & link-edit of a CA IDMS DMCL. 

These errors can occur in DMLO or other access online after the DMCL has been updated; or in a batch job specifying the DMCL after the change. 


0971 error-status means that the Area Name from the Subschema that is being Readied, Cannot be found in any Segment in the current DBNAME.


This error can occur in any CA IDMS environment under any operating system.


There are several things that can cause an 0971 error when trying to use a DMCL that has been recently changed. Here are some things to check to resolve the error: 

1- If the JCL for the CV or the job encountering this error points to an incorrect load library, that can cause this. Check the JCL to verify that the libraries named are the ones where the new version of the DMCL load module resides.

2- The DICTNAME or DBNAME specified in the job's SYSIDMS statement (or set online by Profile or DCUF) may be missing the Segment that contains the desired Area. Verify that the correct DBNAME and/or DICTNAME has been set.

3- The DBTable & DMCL may not be in sync. Starting with IDMS r14.0, we make an index from the DBNames in the DBTable and connect it to the AREAS in the DMCL. If any changes were made in the DMCL that are not reflected in the DBTable (such as new segments, files, etc), that can cause the 0971. Ensure that any changes to the DMCL are correctly reflected in the DBTable that is named in the DMCL. Run IDMSLOOK against both the DMCL & the named DBTable to help verify this.

4- When defining dictionary and catalog segments to the DMCL & DBTable, the reserved names for these areas MUST be used. Ensure that the areas are named DDLDML, DDLDCLOD, DDLCAT, DDLCATX, and DDLCATLOD, respectively. 

Additional Information

Syntax for modifying the DMCL can be found at Defining, Generating, and Punching a DMCL .