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Fatal error during upgrade of Spectrum 10.2.1


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CA Spectrum


When upgrading Spectrum to 10.2.1 you may encounter a fatal error when installing/upgrading mysql.


Spectrum 10.2.1Windows Server 2012


When upgrading the following error is received:


Installing d:/win32app/spectrum/mysql/my.cnf with basedir = d:/win32app/spectrum/mysql ... 

Enabling InnoDB... 

InnoDB has been enabled. 

Starting mysql service ... 

Service successfully removed. 

Service successfully installed. 

The mysql service is starting. 

The mysql service was started successfully. 


Waiting for mysql to start up... 

Executing mysql_upgrade.exe script... 

Looking for 'mysql.exe' as: d:\win32app\spectrum\mysql\bin\mysql.exe 

Looking for 'mysqlcheck.exe' as: d:\win32app\spectrum\mysql\bin\mysqlcheck.exe 

d:\win32app\spectrum\mysql\bin\mysql_upgrade.exe: the '--basedir' option is always ignored 

Error: Server version (5.5.39-enterprise-commercial-advanced) does not match with the version of 

the server (5.5.53) with which this program was built/distributed. You can 

use --skip-version-check to skip this check. 

FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed 

Creating access for spectrum in database ... 

Deleting all remote access to database ... 

Deleting all anonymous database users ... 


****** Installation of the Distributed Data Manager Complete ******



WMI service is running and needs to be stopped. Once stopped the upgrade will finish successfully.