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ALP KEY License information is blank for CA XCOM for Linux, UNIX and Windows


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ALPKEY License information is showing as blank for XCOM. When looking at the ca.olf and lic98.dat neither file shows that it contains any information.  File transfers still appear to be working, but we want to make sure the software is licensed properly and will not stop running.


BROADCOM is discontinuing the use of ALPKEYs and is phasing them out. 


Release: XCOM for LINUX/Unix
Component: 11.6 


For XCOM for Windows:

Enhancements for Service packs

Scroll down to see the heading Miscellaneous and this information:
XCOM Data Transport for Windows for Windows Service Pack Service Pack 11.6.02 no longer uses CA ALP License.

For XCOM for UNIX:

Service Pack01 features
Scroll down to see the heading Other Changes related to Installation and this information for SP1

ALPKEYS are Discontinued
The ALPKEYS have been removed and no other physical license keys are required for the product.

Product analyst has updated the ALP key requirement for the following codes to “No Key Required” and keys will no longer provided for new product installs.

Additional Information

You can see this in the CA XCOM for LINUX/Unix 11.6 SP1 online documentation:

Fixes for Service Pack 11.6.01 

Last update February 2, 2017 

CA XCOM Data Transport Service Pack 11.6.01 fixes the following issues. 

Fixes for Linux