snmptd probe is sending interface down alarm


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


SNMPTD probe is sending interface down alarm, as per message the interface number is same in all messages i.e. 3 however suppression keys are different and even host names are different.


There is an integration which uses the UIM webservices for fetching the alarms and utilising that for remedy ticketing.
We checked and found that the alarm could be seen in UIM console correctly with each host sending an unique interface names as well.However when the alarm is seen in UMP console it is not showing correctly.
Since the UIM webservices show the alarms exactly as seen in UMP hence we see the problem with ticketing as well.


UIM/UMP 8.51webservices_rest 8.51 snmptd 3.24


Given the complexity of the issue and time being taken for a fix, we utilised the below workaround 

Go to Nas -->Setup Tab--->General Tab--->uncheck 'Support for internationalization' 

This field is by default enabled, once disabled this will lead to uniformity of alarms in alarm-console, DB, UMP and webservices. 



Additional Information


When i18n support switch(i.e. support for internationalization) in NAS (default : enabled) is disabled, NAS no longer assign i18n_token for coming alarms. This means that we disable message enrichment feature in UMP (done through an internal resource file - wasp\i18n\


DE289046 – Interface Index in Interface Down Alarm (off snmptd) incorrect.