Web Viewer wrapping text and print/save options
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Web Viewer wrapping text and print/save options


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Changing the default when saving a file and how we can change the default options going to - go to the Web Viewer Administration tab/ Preferences/ Output Defaults. Is there a reason the default for PDF is FONT 10 and Page Orientations is set to Portrait and not Landscape by default? Will changing the default to 8 and Page Orientation to landscape cause other issues?


Component: WBVLUW


These same defaults were in 11.5 Web Viewer, and in 2.0 and 1.0 Web Viewer too. We suspect the majority of the reports, or bills, or statements, or what have you were formatted for 8.5 x 11" portrait oriented paper. How will changes to output font size and orientation impact your business processes? From the Web Viewer application perspective, there should be no impact. From the end-user perspective, we'd have to know an awful lot more about your data. How are most of your reports formatted? Which ones are most important? Which ones are most sensitive to format changes, and which would not? With respect to the original support case, was it just the one user that needed the change? If yes, or if there are but a few, maybe things are best left set as they are/have been. This is the customer's call. Only someone who knows the data can estimate how factors like average report width and number of lines per page will be impacted by switching orientation or changing font size.