The jobs going on "Waiting" status because there is an incompatible job running, do never pick up after the job that is "Processing" completes.


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to Home > Jobs

2. Submit the Datamart Extraction job on an immediate mode

3. This goes on a "Processing" state

4. Also submit the Delete Investments job on a immediate mode

5. This goes on "Waiting" status, because it is incompatible to the Datamart Extraction.

6. The Datamart Extraction job completes

7. Check the Delete Investments job status


Expected Result: The Delete Investments job to go on "Processing" status, because the incompatible job that was running has now completed.

Actual Result: The Delete Investments job goes into "Scheduled" status and does not run 


The JS Heart Beat job in not scheduled on the environment.

The query below will tell you if the job is scheduled to be run.

select job_id,, sj.is_visible
from CMN_SCH_JOBS sj
    inner join CMN_SCH_JOB_DEFINITIONS sjd on
    and sjd.job_code='job_check_heart_beat'

If no results are returned the job has possibly been deleted.



CA PPM 15.1, 15.2


For On Premise customers:

  1. Connect to the CA PPM database, and backup the CMN_SCH_JOB_DEFINITIONS table.
  2. Execute the following query to temporarily update the visibility of this job:
    update cmn_sch_job_definitions set is_admin_visible = 1 where job_code ='job_check_heart_beat' ; commit ; 
  3. Login to the application as an administrator user
  4. Navigate to Administration, Data Administration: Reports and Jobs
  5. Filter and find in the list the job called JS Heartbeat
  6. Schedule it to run recurrently every month, every day and every minute (if you use cron format it will be * * * * *)
  7. Save the new scheduled instance
  8. Once it is scheduled in the application, please disable the job visibility back on the database level:
    update cmn_sch_job_definitions set is_admin_visible = 0 where job_code ='job_check_heart_beat' ; commit ; 

For SaaS customers, please open an issue with support, so these actions are set for you.