AdminUI performance is slower for Federation Partnerships and Certificate management


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When I'm accessing Federation Objects on AdminUI and Policy Server 12.52, the Federation screen and its data got rendered quickly. We see the Policy Server smpolicysrv process using 87 % of the CPU when searching and giving data to the AdminUI.

But when I do the same operation in 12.6 environment, the Policy Server smpolicysrv process uses up to 168% of the CPU when I access the same screen and rendering the data was noticeably slower.

More, after displaying the partnership list, when I attempt to view a Partnership by just clicking on it, I observe that the smpolicysrv process at one stage consumed full CPU and the screen keeps spinning with no results. I cancel the screen and re-opening it, then it worked. I get the data. And I see the Policy Server process consuming 70 % of the CPU.

I noticed this behavior on 12.6 environment for Federation partnerships and Certificate management objects.

Why does I have this problem in 12.6 ? How can I fix it ?



This is a known issue which affects earlier R12.6 version in terms of performance for high amounts of these objects:

These metrics are for Both Windows 2012 R2 and RHEL7 environments.R12.60R12.60.1.2406
Partnership View (when having 130+ partnerships in store)Indefinite time (CPU usage went upto 98%)~45sec-1min (CPU usage went upto 55%)
Certificate Management (when having 80+ certificates in the store)~1:30-2min (CPU usage went upto 98%)~30-40sec(CPU usage went upto 55%)



Policy Server R12.6AdminUI R12.6


The AdminUI performance for Federation partnerships and Certificate management has been improved significantly in R12.6.01, and upgrading to this release solves the issue.

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Defects fixed in R12.6.01