CADD370W Dataset Recovery Process
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CADD370W Dataset Recovery Process


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


The SAPI task is processing an extremely large dataset out of JES and into the LDS files. While processing the dataset, SAPI issued a "CADD370W SAPI RPIx File exceeds maximum byte limit"  message. This will result in the SAPI task ending. The remaining portion of the large dataset (not processed into the LDS files) will still be sitting out in JES.

The CADD370W message is issued when the 4.29 billion byte limit imposed by CA Dispatch has been exceeded.

With CA Dispatch's current functionality, If no MANUAL action is taken after receiving the CADD370W message, then upon restarting the SAPI task the remaining portion of the dataset will be picked up out of JES and processed into the LDS files.

* This current functionality could potentially cause your LDS files to become full.


Is there a way to have more flexibility regarding what will happen with the remainder of a large dataset that was left in JES due to receiving a "CADD370W SAPI RPIx File exceeds maximum byte limit" message?




CA Dispatch provides Special Feature 64 which can be used to change the current functionality of the CADD370W dataset recovery process. 

With Feature flag 64 set to 'Y', input datasets processed by SAPI, that exceed the maximum byte limit are interrupted as normal. However, the datasets destination is set to $$RxOVRF. This will prevent the remainder of the report from being automatically processed back thru the SAPI task and into the LDS after the SAPI task is restarted.


Additional Information

See the CA Dispatch 11.7 Installation Guide; Activate Special Features (Optional) section, for complete information on activating special features.