Creating a Database Analyzer Action Condition receives error message RAP362E
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Creating a Database Analyzer Action Condition receives error message RAP362E


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Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Creating a new Database Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PDA) Action Condition using an #INCLUDE statement, RAP362E error occurs on the ACTION  CONDITIONS panel:

RAP362E - #INCLUDE member <model member> does not exist. The member needs to exist in one of the libraries (1-9) associated with the MODEL keyword in the highlvl.PARMLIB(DSNAMEx)
member. Type STATUS in the command line to see what DSNAMEx is being used. Use the 'U' line command option to create a new member. Press PF1/HELP for additional details.


This error is caused by either:

  1. The member <model member> is not present in the Model library.
  2. The Model library is not available to Database Analyzer.


When you receive the RAP362E error on the 'ACTION  CONDITIONS' panel, over-type the 'S' in the O column with a 'U'. 

This will display panel 'RAPACON4 19.0 - Action Condition - Help' 

What libraries are listed under 'Current Model Libraries'?
This reflects the library or libraries, defined in the MODEL definition in the DSNAMExx Parmlib member, and that are currently allocated to Database Analyzer.
Confirm that this is the correct model library and then investigate why the <model member> reported in the RAP362E is not present in this library.
If the member is present in another model library, then you can add this library to the MODEL keyword in DSNAMExx (note there is a maximum limit of 9 libraries that can be defined to MODEL).

For example:

MODEL    (highlvl.CDBAMDL