Error message RAP235E when trying to explode a PDA Action Procedure
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Error message RAP235E when trying to explode a PDA Action Procedure


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When trying to explode an Action Procedure the following error is issued:
RAP235E - Problem encountered processing Action Model. Update Action Proc.

What does this error mean and how can it be resolved?


Component: PDA


The RAP235E error message indicates that there is a problem processing the action procedure symbolic variables. 'Update Action Proc.' is advising that the user updates the action procedure to correct the problem. The problem could be caused by a symbolic variable not having a defined value, or possibly a corrupted or missing model.


On the RDA.APL 'ACTION PROCEDURE SERVICES' panel, can the user U (update) the action procedure which has been identified as invalid; '<== ACTION INVALID'?

Updating the action procedure, RAP235E will be displayed on the RDA.UBPM 'BUILD ACTION PROCEDURE' panel.
'Process Option ==>' will automatically be changed to 'U'.

Hitting enter should display the 'Model JCL Substitution' panel and perhaps another error message will be displayed pointing to the cause of the problem.