How to enable or disable F3=close on Primary Menu?
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How to enable or disable F3=close on Primary Menu?


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I would like to disable F3=close on the NetMaster primary menu. On two of my systems, F3 does nothing on the primary menu, but on one system it signs me out of NetMaster. I am trying to make them all behave the same.

How to enable or disable F3=Close or F3=Exit on the Primary Menu?


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


The Netmaster Primary Menu has a parameter group settings through /PARM $NM PMENUCONTROL. F3 to Close Window/Logoff? .....  field.
If it is set to YES then pressing F3 will close the current window if there is more than one active or logoff in another case.
It is possible to change this value to take dynamically in account by pressing PF06(Action) and PF03(Save and Quit). It may be necessary to logoff/logon to see the effect.
In case F3=Close is set to NO, then the F3 key does no longer appear on the Primary menu and it is not possible to quit by PF03. Only =X primary command is required.