CEM Configuration Job J00170SA for RACF Getting ICH21034I
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CEM Configuration Job J00170SA for RACF Getting ICH21034I


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Compliance Event Manager


After running the CEMCCONF job, the CUSTOM datasets were created. We printed the AREADME member, but I cannot submit jobs J00179SA and J00180SA as they are. This is a government installation and there are strict security rules in place. The RACF person won't allow me to submit these jobs.

We have the following questions.
  1. On job J00170SA, he's receiving a warning and a syntax error: IRR52199I Warning: Class name CACEM does not contain a national character nor a national character nor a number. ICH21034I PASSWORD CHANGE REJECTED BY INSTALLATION SYNTAX RULES Password must be 8 characters long for ALTUSER CEMEDBU PASSWORD(DBUPASS) NOEXPIRED.
  2. We are also receiving an error on job 180SA: ICH14079I RACF detected an error in the dynamic class descriptor table, entry WBEM, error code 08. 


Component: CEVM


Both jobs(J00170SA and J00180SA) are intended as examples of commands that may be needed to define users and grant access to resources to the users and tasks that require access. Existing security policy may cause the sample commands to fail. The jobs must be reviewed and updated by a security administrator to ensure that all changes comply with your site security standards and do not compromise any existing security definitions. Some resources are not defined to RACF since that may impact your site's security standards. Sites should review the output from these jobs and take action if necessary to ensure that the specified ids have access to these resources.