Managing and Re-organizing the CA Auditor DBASE1 File
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Managing and Re-organizing the CA Auditor DBASE1 File


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Auditor for z/OS


Our HLQ.EXAMINE.DBASE1 is full on many of our lpars. This DB is PDS which contains user profile information and It creates a member for each different user signing on.Also it never gets cleaned up so there is a bunch of garbage out there. I am planning to cleanup the dataset(empty) with our next maintenance cycle. 

How can we Manage and Re-organize  the CA Auditor DBASE1 File?


Component: EXAMIN


The DBASE1 file contains User Profile information and freezer information. Any member can be deleted out of that file. If a userid member is deleted out of that file, once they signon again, the file is just updated again. User Profile information for obsolete users can be deleted. Sites may want to retain Freezer information in the DBASE1 file available for later review in case there is a need for the data for follow-up comparisons of programs or files that you “froze” during an earlier review. Also the size of the DBASE1 file can increased be re-allocating using the CAJ0JCL0(ALLCDBS1) sample JCL member. There is no initialization required. The backup-and-restore process can be used to increase the size of the DBASE1 data set. Details can be found in section 'Back Up and Restore User Profile Database' .