Detector reporting incorrect SQL -905 errors
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Detector reporting incorrect SQL -905 errors


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Detector for DB2 for z/OS


After applying some maintenance that included Detector for Db2 for z/OS (PDT) fixes and verifying the collections after the LPAR IPL,
noticed some strange SQL -905 errors in the PDT SQL error collection for 1 out of 7 systems.

Even though the RLF table does not preempt SQL and allows all DDF threads 500M service units, PDT is reporting -905 errors for DDF work.
The values in the errors are all 00000s which does not seem correct. After stopping and restarting the one collection in question,
the incorrect -905 errors stop all together even though the DDF threads are still running work non-stop.


This case is caused by the absence of IBM PTF UI38273. The absence of the PTF became a problem when user
switched a large production system using RLF to Db2 11 NFM mode. The best course of action is to apply the missing IBM PTF.