RTSV journal record type in IDMS
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RTSV journal record type in IDMS


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When are journal records of type RTSV produced?


Release: All supported releases.
Component: SQLOPT


At the start of an SQL command, a "save point" is established.
No journal record is written at that point but the current journal sequence number is noted in a control block.
If for some reason, the SQL processing decides that this one command must be rolled out (e.g. a data exception), then CA-IDMS will roll back the updates of that SQL command back to the saved journal sequence number.
Then an RTSV journal record is written to indicate what happened.
The RTSV record will contain the saved journal sequence number (in field JTRSVSEQ).
If there is an abend later on which requires that the whole transaction be rolled out, then when the RTSV record is encountered, the rollback process will know that all the work for that transaction back to the journal sequence number has already been backed out.

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