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Date range filtering on portlets excludes the date specified on the From or To Date


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When filtering on a list the end date is giving a wrong date in Clarity PPM.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to any portlet that contains the start and finish dates on the filter section.
Home > General > Project Dashboard tab > Schedule Dashboard portlet.
2. Go to Option > Configure > list filter section > layout and add 'Start'/'finish' to selected column
4. Now go to filter fields, open 'start' properties and change Display type to 'Date Range' and click on save and return.
Do the same with the finish date
5. Check the Start and Finish Dates of any of the projects listed, ie 6/1/17 till 9/14/17
6. Filter Start Date Range 6/1/17 till 6/1/17 or Finish 9/14/17 till 9/14/17

Expected result: Projects with the above dates to be filtered
Actual result: Projects are excluded and only included if we filter as Start Date Range 6/1/17 till 6/2/17 or Finish 9/14/17 till 9/15/17


CA PPM 15.x


This is caused by DE34134.


After review of the Defect and its root cause, SE (Sustaining Engineer) determined this issue won't be fixed. 

If start (or finish) date is going to be same for a range, there are two simple workarounds 
1) do not select anything in end part of the range, rather just select date in start part
2) or select the next day in end part  

Additional Information

Reference: Clarity PPM Customer-Reported Defect Resolution Policy