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Issue with monitoring a page on ASM


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


A third party hosts our help system. It uses a lot of JavaScript. This seems to be giving ASM trouble. I am trying to use a full page monitor to check the url but it keeps failing.

If opening this in a normal browser, you see that there are a couple "loading" animations that occur before the content is rendered. ASM only ever sees the initial loading animation (looking at the screen captures the monitor gathers). If trying to monitor for the appearance of specific text on that page, the monitor will fail. 

I have tried to use Chrome, IE, and Firefox browser profiles, but they all have the same result. 

If there anything I can do to get this page to monitor appropriately? 


Release: APMCMB99000-10.0-App Synthetic Monitor-Basic Option


HTTP/HTTPS and Full Page monitors were receiving the animation as the actual page.  A Script monitor would have been a good idea here, but the site responded with a "You must enable JavaScript" message. 

For this type of website, a Firefox (RBM) monitor is recommended.