In the MSP New Driver, a Save message appears when opening a Master Project


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When opening a project that has one or more sub projects from PPM to Microsoft Project (MSP), a message pops up for each sub project "Want to save your changes to <Project Name>?" and the options are Yes, Yes to All, No, No to All and Cancel. These messages appear twice for each sub project. This would be expected when closing out of MSP, but not on Open.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create two new projects in PPM (No tasks, resources, etc needed)
2. Navigate to the first project created
3. Click on the Properties drop down for the project, select the ‘Subprojects’ subpage
4. Click 'Add', select the check box next to the second project created and click 'Add' to add it as a subproject to the master
5. Export the project from PPM to MSP
Expected Results: The Master and Sub project open without a warning message about saving changes
Actual Results: Following message appears in MSP "Want to save your changes to <Project Name>?". These messages appear twice for each sub project.


This is caused by: DE33990


This issue applies to CA PPM 14.4, 15.1 and 15.2 MSP New Driver


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 15.3.


Click 'No to All' or 'Yes to All' to each Save message that appears when opening the project.