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We are getting an issue while starting the new CEESERVR STC for Mainframe Application Tuner (MAT) 11.0.


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Mainframe Application Tuner


We are getting an issue while starting the new CEESERVR STC for CA Mainframe Application Tuner (MAT) 11.0.

When it starts it is pointing to Port 3480 and we have set on the UTRPARM(CEESOPTS) MATSERVERPORT="51914".


Component: MATUNE


In the log we see: 

JVMJZBL1006I IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS = -Xms64m -Xmx4096m -Xcompressedrefs -Dfile.enco 

tomcat -Dcatalina.home=/REL13/MAT 

.dirs=/REL13/MAT/common/endorsed -Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.Cl 


We asked where is it that they see it pointing to port 3480?

They said they saw it pointing to that PORT when we do a NETSTAT. 

L2's recommendations are:

It looks like a configuration/installation issue to me. 

We don't use th UTRPARM(CEESOPTS) in version 11. You shouldn't have it there. I'm assuming you're having the GA version -not one of the increments. Please let me know what MAT version did you install- I can't see it in the log. 

Basically what I would do the first thing is to look that the deploy script you've used to deploy the server contains the correct port (PORT=51914) and that you didn't redirect it anywhere in the MAT GUI server job (you could send me both JCLs for review if you like). 

If you find that any of these was the problem, you can try and rerun the deploy script and the mactconf script- both in UTRSAMP (please don't forget to bring the GUI AND the MAT server while you're doing it). 

If you have the right port in the deploy script, than there is a chance that something went wrong during the installation of the version 11. As I mentioned- the CEESUOPT is not supposed to be there, so if you just tried to create a new configuration on top of the version 10 SMPE, it wouldn't work, and you might need to make a clean installation of the GUI.