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Long Hyphen (Em Dash) Is Lost When Opening Projects In Microsoft Project


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Long hyphen character copied from Microsoft Word and pasted into CA PPM is removed when exported into Microsoft Project. Sometimes when this character is exported into MSP, hyphen is replaced with '#x4', although another typical issue is that everything after the long hyphen (including the long hyphen) is not exported.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document.
  2. Type Aa - aa. Microsoft Word default autocorrect and autoreplace settings will change it to Aa – aa (hyphen will be a long hyphen or em dash).
  3. Login to CA PPM.
  4. Create a New Project .
  5. Create a New Task by pasting the text from Microsoft Word.
  6. Save and Return (Expected Result: The text is successfully saved in CA PPM)
  7. Open the Project in MSP

Expected Result: Project is opened in MSP successfully and the task name would be 'Aa – aa'

Actual Result: Project opens in MSP however, the long Hyphen is removed as well as everything that follows it


This issue has been first observed in CA PPM v14.3.


This issue has been reported to Sustaining Engineering as CLRT-81494/DE30535.


This issue has been fixed in CA PPM 14.3 patch 10, CA PPM 14.4 patch 6, CA PPM 15.1 patch 3 and CA PPM 15.2; it is related to another defect, CLRT-80925.

Additional Information

TEC1559573 - Special characters in Task Name, Task Notes, and Charge Codes have entire entries removed from project when opening project with MS Project with New Driver or the project opens with an error.