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Portal: Publish Issue- HttpClientErrorException: 404 Not Found


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While trying to use the TDM Portal to publish an FD file (file definition with fixed width) which uses an AS400 database connection, I am getting the below error:

Call to ConnectionManagerService failed: : HttpClientErrorException: 404 Not Found 

The same publish works through Datamaker and the database connection to the Portal is working as well.


CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Portal 4.0


The 404 error message in TDM 4.0 is not specific. If you are using TDM 4.0, there is a patch available to show a more specific error message, else TDM versions 4.1 and above will have the fix. Please open a support case by going to to receive it. We have fixed the 404 error message with a more instructive message: Connection profile was not found or not shared or is not compatible. Oracle profiles must use an EZConnect String and other profiles must be DSN-Less.


To truly resolve the issue you have to do the following: 

1. Enable debugging for the TDM Portal. Directions to do this: 

2. Analyze the TDMConnectionProfileManager.log. You will most likely see that the portal was not able to find a connection profile that was referenced in the Test Matching default publish. 

3. Update the default publish through Datamaker and also update the profile details in Datamaker so that the Oracle DB name had to be specified in EZ-Connect format. Now the profile is visible and can be used through the TDM Portal. 

4. Re-run the TDM Portal job. You should no longer see the connection error. 


Sometimes you will have profiles being used from TDM Portal and Datamaker but have different names, even though they connect to the same database and schema. So in Datamaker the tables are registered through one profile name, but the profile name being used in TDM Portal is different. This can lead to an issue where the publish job is getting queued. You can use this approach to resolve it:

1. Unregister the table in Datamaker.

2. Re-register the table using the same profile name that is used in TDM Portal. 

3. Re-publish from the Portal. This should resolve the issue.

Additional Information

If you experience any further issues, please open a support case by going to