Global Variable Dependencies Showing "UNDEFINED" in WCC Quick View
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Global Variable Dependencies Showing "UNDEFINED" in WCC Quick View


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


In the Quick View Job Dependencies section for a job, the Global Variable dependencies under "Atomic Conditions" all show the "Current Status" to be "*UNDEFINED*".


Workload Automation AE


Possible Causes...

1. WAAE as-gvar policies in EEM are blocking the Monitor ID user's access to global variables.

2. The password specified for the Monitor ID within the WAAE server configuration in WCC is not valid. This will cause WCC to fail when reading global variables from WAAE.


Check all as-gvar policies setup in EEM for the WAAE instance having the issue. Ensure that the Monitor ID has access in all policies.

If the password for the Monitor ID user has recently changed, make sure this was also updated in the server configuration in WCC for the impacted WAAE instance.