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The MAKETAB process is failing with a B37 space abend on a temporary dataset.


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When using MAKETAB to create an Alternate Catalog Mapping (ACM), the process is failing on panel PTPCSGE2, 'ACM Shadow Table Creation', with a B37 space abend on a temporary work dataset. For example:

IEC030I B37-04,IFG0554A,userid,TSODD,ddname,dev,volume,


Component: GEN


In the Maketab process, we write the generated Batch Processor control statements to either a temporary dataset or the highlvl.CDBASAMP library. This is determined by the following field on the 'ACM Shadow Table Creation' panel: 


Temporary dataset for output          => Y        (Y or N)


With this set to Y, as above, then the temporary dataset that is used is obtained from the users ISPF ZTEMPF system variable.

This can be displayed by accessing IPPF option 7, Dialog Test, and then 3, Dialog Variables. Use the locate command 'L ZTEMPF' to display the variable.


It is this dataset that does not have sufficient space allocation for the generated statements. 


To resolve this problem, you can either manually allocate this file with larger size parameters, or alternatively set the 'Temporary dataset for output' option to 'N' so that the control statements are generated to the CDBASAMP library.