cdm probe triggering reboot alarm on robot restart
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cdm probe triggering reboot alarm on robot restart


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


On restarting of the robot or cdm probe, reboot alarm is getting triggered for the server from cdm probe. We are getting lot of fake alarms .



  • Release: UIM 20.4
  • Component: cdm
  • OS: Solaris


  • Boot time is read from the utmp structure gathered from the getutent() system call, and uptime is calculated based on the formula uptime = now – boot_time.
  • i.e the cdm probe on Solaris calls getutxent()and reads database entry but unable to find BOOT_TIME in it. This needs to be checked from the Solaris server end .


Here are some suggestions by Oracle Solaris support to check on Solaris setup 

1.Run the /usr/bin/uptime command.

There is a Solaris-provided utility /usr/lib/acct/fwtmp to translate the datafile utmp with entries of struct utmp {} to ASCII text.

On a healthy, we can see a 'system boot' entry with ut_type '2'. Hence, uptime is displayed correctly.

2./usr/lib/acct/fwtmp < /var/adm/utmpx

To resolve these kinds of issues there are two options :

Option 1 :

In order to fix a wrong uptime in command /usr/bin/uptime or /usr/bin/w you need to 

  •  check the /var/adm/utmpx file with the procedure as described above
  •  reboot the system and check the correct function of /usr/bin/uptime or /usr/bin/w

In case the issue is still not solved after reboot, copy /var/adm/utmpx to a backup location and zero out the /var/adm/utmpx  ( corruption might have taken place on /var/adm/utmpx  file )

Reboot again and check the correct function

cp -p /var/adm/utmpx /var/adm/utmpx.orig

cat  /dev/null > /var/adm/utmpx

init 6

Option 2: 

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