I can't install a linux robot with nimldr (can't find the installation files)


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


I have downloaded nimldr and ran it on a Linux box but I 'm not able to complete the installation of the robot. 

When I run the install I'm stuck at the point where the script asks where the the install files are. See example below:

[[email protected] LINUX_23_64]# ./nimldr 
nimldr version 3.57 Dec 1 2014 
Copyright(c) 2012, CA. All rights reserved. 

This program will help you install the Nimsoft infrastructure components (such as a robot or a secondary hub) on the current system. 

You will be given a series of questions, default answers are in brackets. 

Example: <Question>? ==>[default] 

Pressing Enter directly will use the default value, otherwise you should 
type in the requested information. 

If express installation is specified, the default value will be used 

A log of the installation can be found in the file: nimldr.log 

Hit Enter/Return key to continue. 

1 - ens32 (IPv4): 10.xxx.xx.xx 

Select the number of the IP you would like to use for this robot from those listed above: 1 

You selected IP #1: 10.xxx.xx.xx

WARNING: The temporary files directory is removed after installation! 

Where should nimldr store temporary files? 
==>[/opt/nimsoft/tmp] /tmp 
Beginning Robot installation: 

Is this a Cloud installation? 

Do we have the installation file locally? 
==>[no] yes 

Where do we have the installation file(s)? 
==>[] /tmp 

Where do we have the installation file(s)? 



Release: CNMSPP99000-8.4-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem


The installation files can be fetched directly from the UIM Server by nimldr. However,  If you have told the installation script that you do have the instillation file locally:


 Do we have the installation file locally? 

==>[no] yes

Then verify that you have previously:

1. downloaded the installation archives from http://<UIM_server_name_or_IP_Address>:<wasp_port>/uimhome/installers.jsp (same place where you may download the nimldr package from the Nimsoft Home Page, /uimhome) and,

2. placed them into a local folder and then specified the folder path at the nimldr question below:


Where do we have the installation file(s)? 

==>[] /tmp 


Additional Information

It's important to note that the filename needs to follow the following nomenclature: install_LINUX_23_64.zip

If the filename is install_LINUX_23_64-7_91.zip, for example, nimldr will never find it.


UIM Documentation




nimldr package

The nimldr utility may also be downloaded from http://support.nimsoft.com



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