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Using Javelin InvokeProcessActivity with JMeter


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have configured a process that generates data and then utilizes Javelin to call JMeter to provision data into Guidewire. 

The following tasks were completed: 
1. Javelin was upgraded to the latest GA.
2. Previous flow was upgraded and saved to new version. 
3. Workflow was uploaded to Portal.
4. Created a dummy data pool. 
5. In Data Maker -> Maintain action -> Create post publish action = Javelin. 
6. Select Table = data pool registered table. 
7. Checkbox sync. 
8. Expose dummy data pool to the ARD flow.

I believe there are two issues present: 
1. Portal's ability to call Javelin. 
2. Javelin's ability to handle InvokeProcessActivity. 

In the log files we see the following:
- Executing Step: InvokeProcessActivity 
- Error executing InvokeProcessActivity: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform. 
- ExecutableName: "jmeter" 

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a Javelin flow with only one block that writes some data to a local CSV file and register it in Datamaker. 
2. Make sure that the flow works in Javelin. 
3. Create a data pool that publishes some dummy data and use the Javelin flow created above as "Post-publish Action". 
4. Publish the data pool created in step 3. 
- Expected results: The Javelin flow should be called and the CSV file is created. 
- Actual results: The CSV file is not created. The Javelin flow is executed according to log file. 

To try and resolve this issue ourselves, we tried the follow:
1. Updated to point to: javelin.install.folder=C:/Program Files (x86)/CA/AgileDesignerAutomator/ 
2. Removed the “Success Required” checkbox in Datamaker. 
3. Increased “Time to Wait” to 90s in Datamaker. 
4. Uploaded “Javelin Issue” workflow to Portal 
- Javelin appears to be invoked by the Portal now, but the issue of creating the CSV file exists. 
- We are still getting an error regarding the incorrect OS in the InvokeProcessActivity. 


Release : 4.1

CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Javelin


1. The issue regarding the Portal initiate Javelin flows started occurring after the upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1.

  • This component was resolved by commenting out the tdmweb.publish.folder=${CATDMWEB_APPDATA} line from the file.
  • We came to this conclusion by looking at the files created by the self-service request (the Action file).
  • They referenced a log location that did not exist.
  • In the file on line 115 CATDMWEB_APPDATA was there, and there was a note above it that if it was commented out, it would go to the default directory, which is what we want to see happen.
  • Since this was a default setting with the install, this may precipitate with other clients who are using Portal 4.1. 

2. The second issue regarding the JMeter invoke process started occurring after upgrading from Javelin 1.5 to ADA 2.0.

  • The workaround is to use the batch file.
  • For the Incorrect OS error in the InvokeProcessActivity, change JMeter to JMeter.bat and run it again.
  • By doing this we pass parameters to JMeter using batch files.  
  • We have determined the root cause to be the pause for user input in the batch file.
  • Removing that, the batch file works. 

Additional Information

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