SpectroWATCH fails to reassert alarm in CA Spectrum
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SpectroWATCH fails to reassert alarm in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


After manually clearing an alarm generated from a SpectroWATCH, the watch fails to generate a new alarm if the threshold is exceeded again.


Spectrum 10.x


Watches that are manually cleared will not be re-evaluated by default.


SpectroWATCHes need to be configured to re-evaluate the watch when the watch is manually cleared.

For watches configured to "Generate Alarm", you will need to check the box labeled "Reset watch upon user clearing alarm":

For watches configured to "Generate Event(s)", you will need to add the 0x10706 event to the "when deactivated/all instances reset" field. The 0x10706 event is the event generated by Spectrum when a user manually clears an alarm.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Watches" section of the documentation for more details on creating and editing SpectroWATCHes:

Broadcom TechDocs : CA Spectrum 10.4.x - Watches