Team Start and Finish Dates are no longer blank after two roundtrips with MSP using New Driver


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Team members Start and Finish dates get populated with the earliest task date when saving a project back from MSP twice using the New Driver. 

 Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create a 1 day duration project 

2. Add a new resource to the team with 0% default allocation. Start and Finish dates appear blank when clicking in the "Staff Member Properties". Team tab will display Investment Start and Finish dates instead in the grid. 

3. Open the project in MSP, create 4 tasks, 10 days each, cascaded (1->2->3->4) 

4. Assign the resource from Step2. The resource will appear as overallocated. Save the project back to PPM. 

5. In PPM, go to Team, select the resource and then Actions > Allocate from Estimates. 80h ETC will now match 80h Allocation. Start Date and Finish Date are still empty in the "Staff Member Properties"  

6. Open the project in MSP again, assign the resource to tasks 2, 3 and 4. Save the project back to PPM. 

7. Go to Team tab, open Staff Member Properties. 

Expected result: Start and Finish dates are still blank. 

Actual result: Start and Finish dates are no longer blank, and both show the start/finish dates of Task 1. 


Caused by DE32327


CA PPM 15.1 and 15.2


This issue is fixed in CA PPM, and 15.3.

Additional Information

Reference KB: TEC1971038 for an issue in 14.2, 14.3 and 14.4 MSP New Driver where resource allocation dates get changed to the Project Start / Finish Dates