CA Datacom different DBID for Dynamic System Tables (DST) database
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CA Datacom different DBID for Dynamic System Tables (DST) database


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If my CA Datacom/DB Multi-User (MUF) is using a different DBID for the Dynamic System Tables (DST) database which is distributed as DBID 1000 (database CASYSTEMTABLEs), when upgrading the CA Datacom/DB MUF to a new release, is there any concern or action needed?


Release:   Any
Component: Datacom/DB


Yes, when upgrading to or falling back from a new CA Datacom/DB version, if that new release provides upgrade job(s) to update the DST DBID 1000 (database CASYSTEMTABLEs), the updates should also be run against the DBID that is other than 1000.

Modify the jobs and their input to refer to the DBID.


Additional Information

For example, CA Datacom/DB Version 15.1 z/OS Active Upgrade job BDACTDYN (or upgrade job BDUPG06) rebuilds the DBID 1000 base in order to allow for some new features.

Also, Active Upgrade job BDACTDYR is used to restore (fall back) the DST to version 14.0. (Upgrade jobs BDFBK04 and BDFFW04 are to fall back and fall forward the DST).

Refer to the CA DATACOM CORE 15.1 for complete installation instructions