Process Automation - Increase messages threshold for processes Log
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Process Automation - Increase messages threshold for processes Log


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CA Process Automation Base Process Automation Manager


We would like to see process logs from start to end of process, is there a way to increase the log level to achieve the same?


Process Automation - All Versions


By default Process Automation stores 100 messages on reaching threshold old messages are replaced with new logs, to increase the threshold use following steps:


- Login to Process Automation user interface

- Click on Configuration 

- Expand Orchestrators

- Select the specific Orchestrator where the change is required

- On right side, click on policies tab

- Lock that Orchestrator and increase the value for property "Maximum Number of Log Messages" from 100 to 300 or something slightly higher

- Now save the config browser  and unlock the Orchestrator upon execution of new process we can see the increased log messages

Additional Information

Set the value with a caution as using very high value will cause the database to grow faster and also result in slow execution of processes.