Running Daily maintenance against CA Dispatch while the started task is active
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Running Daily maintenance against CA Dispatch while the started task is active


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The daily maintenance jobs DSEXVIEW, DSEXTMIG and DSEXPURG require that the CA Dispatch started task be DOWN in order for them to execute successfully. Does CA Dispatch  provide a version of these same jobs that can run with the started task ACTIVE?






Yes, CA Dispatch provides a version of all three of these daily maintenance jobs that can be run with the Dispatch started task active. Replacement jobs are:

Replace job DSEXVIEW with job DSEXPSVW

Replace job DSEXTMIG with job DSEXPSAR

Replace job DSEXPURG with job DSEXPSST

If you choose to run the batch maintenance with CA Dispatch up, any change made to the database is journaled. This requires frequent journal offloading. This procedure may be four times slower than running with CA Dispatch down, but if the job fails, CA Dispatch can recover from its journals. There is no longer any restriction to active tasks that may run concurrently with these jobs.

* However, be aware that any time you run batch jobs against the Dispatch started task while it is active and while there are users logged on, the possibility exists that potential contention problems may occur. Typically, IDMS is able to handle and address contention conflicts but there are rare occasions where the maintenance jobs or the Dispatch started task itself may issue error messages as a result of a contention problem.

Additional Information

For additional information please refer to the CA Dispatch User Guide for the Report Administrators manual, chapter 19, entitled "Checklist of daily procedures" and the "Daily maintenance job table". 

The maintenance jobs themselves are documented in the CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide, chapter 13, entitled "Utilities".