Enforce default values with DBMS selection
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Enforce default values with DBMS selection


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In Gen r8.6, when compiling an Action Block, developers can see in the COBOL generated source file the statement within the flower box of: "Enforce default values with DBMS not selected" but in the same generated source file, the developer can see that the target DBMS is DB2 z/OS, how is that possible?
In Gen r8.0 or prior, this behavior did not occur, meaning the developer did not see the statement "Enforce default values with DBMS not selected". 

Here is an example of the generated COBOL source code flower box from an Action Block in Gen r8.6:

* Name: Test_module1 Date: 2016/09/01
* Target OS: MVS Time: 12:15:00
* Target DBMS: DB2 z/OS User: abc123              <------
* Generation options:
* Debug trace option not selected
* Data modeling constraint enforcement not selected
* Optimized import view initialization not selected
* High performance view passing selected
* LAST-STATEMENT-NUM execution selected
* Enforce default values with DBMS not selected   <------






Release:Gen 8.5 and 8.6


A change was made in Gen r8.5 (and this change is also in Gen r8.6).  If the Toolset Technical Design checkbox "Enforce Default values within DBMS" is unchecked, then we set the flower box message as follows: "Enforce default values with DBMS not selected".  In Gen r8.0 we incorrectly always set the message to "Enforce default values with DBMS selected" whether this checkbox was checked or not. 

In Toolset Technical Design Properties for your database, there is a "Referential Integrity Enforced by" dropdown (that one may be set to DBMS) and then there is a checkbox "Enforce Default values within DBMS" (that one may not have been checked).  By Checking this checkbox and regenerated the action block, the generated flower box displays the correct message of "Enforce default values with DBMS selected".

Add'l Information: 

There were changes introduced in Gen 8.5 via PTF GEN85001 that affected the generators in this area. What customers could be seeing, the 'Enforce default values with DBMS' line in the flower box of the generated code, was a fix via this PTF and in the initial release of Gen 8.6. We now generate the correct value for the 'Enforce Default Values...' setting in the Technical Design.