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Process Automation - No Authentication policy for the user


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CA Process Automation Base


Process Automation was running fine for a year and this morning say the following error when trying to login to the Proc Auto UI.

"No Authentication policy for the user" 


eiam.javasdk.log show the following:

ERROR 2017-05-29 09:10:42,483 [] [Network] RunBatMethod - exception occurred calling Iclient runBatMethod org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to https://localhost:5250 refused 


Issue was caused by the Embedded Entitlement Manager service not being started.  This caused the "connection refused" message and as Process Automation could not reach EEM returned the "No Authentication policy for the user" message.


Process Automation / EEM - All Supported versions


Started EEM service and Process Automation could authenticate again properly.

It seems the EEM service was stopped during a system patch update over the weekend. Server was restarted but EEM service did not start due to being set to manual.  

If you see this message please restart EEM and Process Automation services and try again.