Issue while creating ntservices probe package
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Issue while creating ntservices probe package


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Facing an issue while creating the probe package for adding any new service in ntservices probe from robot to archive and then deploying on other robots.

Created the ntservices.cfx file and also deployed on some servers however we don't see any of these services enabled when we open the ntservices probe deployed on the servers.


  • UIM: 8.4 or later


- new probe package created in archive not able to update the new services added for ntservices probe on robots.


1. Add the required services in the probe on any robot and cold start the probe (Deactivate and Activate) which will update the configuration changes.



2. Deploy the probe from robot to archive with configuration copy option and give any name as per the requirement.



3. Right-click on the package and click on "Edit" option.



4. Change the configuration file (ntservices.cfx) properties to 0755.



5. Right-click on ntservices.cfx file and click on "Edit file"




6. Once the file is opened, modify the services section with actual service name in case if it is showing as wrong.

We need to make sure that the process name should be the same as what shows in Windows Services (Open services.msc on robot server and verify the same).



7. Save the file by clicking Ok and then Ok.

8. Deploy the probe on required servers.              

9. Verify whether the newly added service in package is updated on all other robots or not.                       


Additional Information

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Issue while creating ntservices probe package


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