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When the UIM service in the Primary HUB Robot is restarted, we saw alarms from a device in maintenance mode.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have Robots which are currently in maintenance mode.
When the Primary Hub server is rebooted (for example, patching) alarms coming visible for the Robots which are still in maintenance mode.
The problem stopped automatically after for a while.


UIM any version


NAS probe acquires maintenance policy data through maintenance_mode probe. Upon UIM service restart on the Primary HUB Robot, NAS probe first connection attempt to maintenance_mode probe fails, since NAS probe started faster than maintenance_mode probe. NAS probe do not know current suppression policy until connection to maintenance_mode probe was repaired. This is why you see alarms 'leaking' for device that is maintenance mode, and it automatically stops.


1. Deactivate NAS probe prior to undergo shutdown UIM service in the Primary HUB Robot.
2. Start UIM service in the Primary HUB Robot.
3. Activate NAS probe as post-task

You could also utilize "start_after" parameter in controller.cfg to force NAS probe to start after maintenance_mode probe is fully started.

Add the following line under <alarm_enrichment> section in controller.cfg in primary HUB Robot.

start_after = maintenance_mode

With this setting, alarm_enrichment probe (and nas probe) will be started after maintenance_mode probe is fully started.