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The incorrect information is shown in inspection view from a virtual service.


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


This problem only occurs in DevTest 10.1.
When accessing a virtual service with a SOAP data protocol handler, the information at the Error Request in inspection view is incorrect.
In detail, the "Operation" columns do not include the suitable operations and "Arguments" columns do not include anything even if the arguments exist like below:

But before upgrading to DevTest 10.1 (example 10.0), the information was shown as below:

To reproduce the problem, access to a virtual service which data protocol handler is SOAP. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem by using the examples project (located in %LISA_HOME%\examples) as a typical example:

  1. Start Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Broker, DevTest Portal and Virtual Service Environment (VSE)
  2. Start DevTest Workstation, login to Registry as admin and open the examples project

  3. Open Configs\Project.Config file and change the VSE_WSPORT to 8001 and save Configs\Project.Config file

  4. Deploy the VServices\WebServiceModel.vsm file to VSE (Select menu item named "Deploy/Redeploy to [email protected]" like below)

  5. Open Tests\webservices-vs.tst file and run this test case by using Interactive Test Run (ITR)

  6. Login to the DevTest Portal (as admin)

  7. Select Monitor->Virtual Service Environments->VSE

  8. In the VSE tab, open the Inspection View for the VSE named WebServiceModel

  9. Inspection View for WebServiceModel is appeared.There are not any workarounds to show the suitable information in the inspection view.


This is a known defect of DevTest Portal for DevTest 10.1.


Release: Service Virtualization 10.1

Component: Portal


Please contact CA Support and open a case to handle this problem to get the solution. CA support will deliver the patch for this problem.

The fix of this problem is included DevTest 10.2 or upper.