Alarm Filter is not working properly in the Spectrum Web Client
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Alarm Filter is not working properly in the Spectrum Web Client


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CA Spectrum


After creating an Alarm Filter in Spectrum OneClick to filter on specific alarms for a specific landscape, when the Alarm Filter was applied in the Spectrum Web Client, it shows alarms for landscapes that should have been excluded by the filter.


Release: SDBSFO99000-10.2-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC


The Web Client subscription code was not honoring the Alarm Filter properly.


This issue is addressed with the Spectrum 10.02.00.PTF_10.2.041 patch. Please open a case with CA Spectrum Support if you are experiencing this issue.

This issue has been addressed in Spectrum 10.03.00.


Additional Information

The Spectrum 10.02.00.PTF_10.2.041 patch also addresses the following issues with the Spectrum Web Client:


Symptom: Web Client assignment quick filter stays gray. 

Resolution: Quick filter is enabled even if there is only one unique value in the column to which filter is associated. 


Symptom: Web Client landscape list is not sorted. 

Resolution: Landscape is sorted. 


Symptom: Web Client does not process alarm filters correctly. 

Resolution: Added required changes in the code to process alarm filters correctly. 


Symptom: REST calls fail with NULL pointer exception.

Resolution: Fixed the over-written methods from WebUI causing this.