XIO000011 Error in DBXLOAD


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CA Repository


DBXLOAD is failing with a XIO00011 "The Entity xxxx was not found in the Repository" when using SQL to produce a input dataset for deletion. 


The tables returned by the SQL statement exist in the underlying DB2 Table; however, are not being found due to a attribute mismatch on the dialog and entity combo provided.    


Release: DATASH00200-7.2-Repository-Webstation Option


Check the byte length on the NAME field for the Dialog/Entity combination being used. 

The rows which are getting the XIO00011 are not being found because they are longer than what the attribute definition allows.  

Check the attribute length of the Name field on your repository entity and expand to accommodate the lengths of the rows written to the error file. 

It is recommended to use Quick Map to extend the attribute lengths. 

Additional Information

Documentation on the Quick Map Facility can be found here