Multiple Registries connecting to database with multiple schemas
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Multiple Registries connecting to database with multiple schemas


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


Currently Installing CA DevTest on two linux boxes.

Have deployed the standard DDL's onto 2 separate schema's per instructions from conversations had with support.

In the documentation, it states that manual deployments are possible.

Question is how to configure the Registry to point to different schema before Registry service start?



All supported DevTest releases and platforms.


After reviewing the SQL Server, there is only 1 database, but that database has 2 sets of Registry tables, being differentiated by a prefix.


DevTest can only connect to the Registry based on its connection string for SQL Server in the file. There is no way to specify a set of DevTest tables based on its prefix in the connection string. Registries and Enterprise Dashboards must each have a unique schema (database), so it is not possible not point multiple Registries at the same database. Need to change the one database with the 2 sets of tables to only have one set.