Cisco ASR 1001 discovered with wrong device type
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Cisco ASR 1001 discovered with wrong device type


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After running a discovery a Cisco ASR 1001 Router device is incorrectly classified as a Server device type. This results in the wrong set of component elements created and wrong or invalid data being gathered for reporting purposes.


CA Performance Manager release r3.1 and all prior releases


This is caused by the incorrect classification of this devices System Object ID (sysObjectId) MIB value as a Server.

The sysObjectId value for Cisco ASR 1001 devices is

This ID is listed within a special 'hidden' DeviceTypes listing/classification within the product code. It is set to classify the device with that sysObjectId as a Server, not a Router. 

This is despite the device providing MIB values during discovery that should result in Router classification, the sysObjectId being present in the hidden override list results in incorrect discovery classification. 


To resolve this we will have to set up a custom DeviceTypes.xml file that will over-ride the current product behavior.


Add the following section to the /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache*/custom/devicetypes/DeviceTypes.xml file. 




Save the changes to the file and wait 2 minutes. This ensures the one minute refresh cycle in the DA code has a chance to re-read that file for the new changes. 


After the DA has had time to read in the new file changes, run a Discovery Profile with one IP address for an affected device as a test. This should result in an updated device based on the custom file changes.


After reviewing the results after testing for a single IP address, if it shows better results, move forward with a Discovery Profile run that updates and resolves any remaining devices that are incorrectly classified.

Additional Information

The proper long term fix is to change the sysObjectId in the internal hidden DeviceTypes code from being classified as a Server to being classified as a Router. Defect number DE297876 was submitted to the engineering team for this change to arrive in a future release. Review the Fixed Issues lists released with each product release to verify the fix for DE297876 is included.


If more information is needed about the status of this fix, please open a support case. Reference DE297876, this Knowledge Base article and a request for the current disposition of that defect.