Trouble adding JDBC jar
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Trouble adding JDBC jar


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CA Process Automation Base


Trying to add an Oracle jar file to PAM to use with the DB operators. 

Followed the online documentation to Upload Orchestrator Resources and uploaded the oracle ojdbc6.jar file on the domain orchestrator.  

Environment has a second node under the domain orchestrator cluster and a third stand alone orchestrator. After recycling the services on all three servers it appears that the driver is not accessible to all of them - error message in the process "Could not load database driver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver".  

It does work when it runs on one of the nodes in the domain orchestrator cluster but not the other and it does not work on the stand alone orchestrator.  Looks like the domain orchestrator deployed the jar file to the other node in the cluster in the one file location listed in the documentation - install_dir\server\c2o\.c2orepository\.c2oserverresources\lib.  But not to the other install_dir/server/c2o/ext-lib.  And it was not deployed to either location on the stand alone orchestrator.  So since the deployment did not work successfully from the domain orchestrator, what is the best way to ensure that all orchestrators can access this jar.  




Release: ITPASA99000-4.3-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation



In a clustered environment and/or an environment that has non domain orchestrators, the mirroring time referenced in the documentation here:

'After mirroring occurs, restart all other Orchestrators.

The system deploys all uploaded jars to all Orchestrators. That is, the system puts the jars in the classpaths of the Orchestrators.

Note: For clustered Orchestrators, restart each node.'

This mirroring can take up to an hour.


If waiting an hour is not feasible, manually copy the jar file to the two locations on the clustered and/or non domain orchestrator(s) here: