TSS7100E User has no pswd phrase with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
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TSS7100E User has no pswd phrase with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1


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Output Management Web Viewer


I have a user that could logon with no problems before we applied maintenance build 165. Now the user is getting is getting the following error:  TSS7100E User has no pswd phras with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1.


Release: CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW


Web Viewer 12.1 added support for mainframe passphrases with RO91553 Build 159 MAINFRAME PASSPHRASES.  Some users have LAN ID/passwords that are longer than 8 char passwords.  With this support in place, any password greater than 8 characters is taken as a passphrase.  With this apar applied, there was no way to turn off Passphrase support in Web Viewer.


Build 193, PTF SO06678 adds a enhancement "PassPhrase Supported on LPAR" checkbox to  the Web Viewer Administration->Repository Definition screen.  From this  build forward, when an LPAR running DRAS tasks does not support  PassPhrases, nothing needs to be done.  When an LPAR running DRAS tasks  allows PassPhrases, the Repository Definition for each Repository Location defined for the LPAR must be updated by checking the  "PassPhrase Supported on LPAR" field.  This allows specification of whether or not Passphrase support is enabled in Web Viewer.


However, there is an update to the enhancement,   SO08117 Cumlative Build 198.  Please apply this build or the latest for Passphrase support. Ideally upgrade to the latest maintenance.

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