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Switching modes in APM Team Center (provider to standalone) may result in APM database corruption and blank pages.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


   At first, the customer installed APM Team Center (ATC) as a standalone application and things were working fine. They could see the data without any issues.

   Then, they decided to convert this instance to a provider. They installed an Enterprise Team Center, and connected this instance as a provider. Things were working at this time as well.

  But problems started occurring when converting the same provider back to a standalone instance. At that time, the values in the database got corrupted for some unknown reason.

 Because of this database corruption, no data was getting populated in ATC. 

So it is likely that changing around standalone vs provider back-and-forth might corrupt the database. As a result, no data is populated in ATC and blank pages may be shown.





This issue occurred for APM 10.5.1 but may happen for other releases as well.


As explained above, changing APM Team Center's behavior mode from a provider to standalone could have caused this.

Active cache corruption could have taken place because of configurations changes.



Restarting the APM Cluster will clear the corrupted active cache.



Manually correcting the corrupted database entries can rectify the problem.