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Trace transaction with time and URL filters using Command Line Workstation (CLWorkstation) does not work


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


I wanted to run a transaction trace that traces all transactions that contain "abc.jsp" that has taken longer than 10 seconds to complete, using the Command Line Workstation (CLWorkstation).

I used the following command but it always returns "No transaction traces collected" even though I've confirmed that transactions that meet the filter criteria do exist:


java.exe -jar CLWorkstation.jar trace transactions where url contains with "abc.jsp" exceeding 1 seconds in agents matching "(.*)" for 2 minutes


CA Application Performance Management 9.x, 10.x Command Line Workstation (CLWorkstation.jar)


In CLWorkstation, the <exceeding x milliseconds> filter cannot be used in conjunction with the <URL Query|URL> filter. This combination is only supported in the "New Transaction Trace Session" UI in Workstation.


An Enhancement Request has been created in the CA APM Community Ideation page:

Use both the filters (url contains and exceeding) in one tt CLW

Please vote if you would like this feature to be considered by CA APM Product Management in the future release.


At the mean time, please address the need by using the "New Transaction Trace Session" feature in the Introscope Workstation.