Saving Flows with Remember Current Configuration Files Setting in Agile Designer
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Saving Flows with Remember Current Configuration Files Setting in Agile Designer


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


I have a flow in Agile Designer that I want to use with the Automation feature.
If I attempt to import or save a different '.config' file for it, the next ti
me I open that flow, the older '.config' file appears.
This is happening even if I save the flow with the new '.config' file.
We have also tried removing the old '.config' file, saving the flow, closing the flow, then reopening the flow, attaching the new '.config' file, and saving, but the issue remains. 

The workaround is to always import/load the new '.config' file each time I need to use it.
Is there a property or configuration that can be used to fix this?


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


This issue can occur when your 'Save' flow settings are changed to save the config file with the flow.
If you check the box for 'Remember current configuration files', ARD will always associate that flow with the same config file.
If this box is not checked, then the config file will not be associated with the flow, just saved to a location of your choosing for future use. 


If you want to be able to save a new configuration file to your flow, you will just need to uncheck the 'Remember current configuration files' box. 

1. Click on the 'File' tab in top left-hand corner of the screen.
2. Choose the 'Save to File' option.

3. In the Save configuration window that appears, uncheck the box for 'Remember current configuration files'. 
4. Click the 'Save' button.

- You should receive a popup saying that the flow was saved successfully. 

5. To verify this worked, close and reopen the flow. It should show either no config file set, or whichever config you have been using just before you opened it.
          - When you have the config file open that you want to use for that flow, you can always Save to File again with the 'Remember current configuration files' box checked.



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