Unable to access a CA IDMS dialog in ADSC - get error that it is checked out
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Unable to access a CA IDMS dialog in ADSC - get error that it is checked out


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You may be unable to access a CA IDMS dialog, and get an error indicating that it is checked out. This is problematic in some situations, such as when the person to whom it is checked out is no longer employed. The errors will look like this: 

DC498103 Currency not established. Dialog is currently checked out  

DC498107 to user <Userid> on dictionary <dictname>  

Similar errors can occur with ADSA applications and with maps.    


This can occur in any CA IDMS environment which employs ADSC, ADSA, or MAPC.


ADS dialogs and applications, and MAPC maps, must be checked out before they can be edited or recompiled. These checkouts are linked to a specific userid and are represented by queue records. If a user is no longer employed; or if their password is lost; or if the queue record somehow becomes corrupt, then it may be impossible to log on to the appropriate compiler and release the checkout. 


The easiest way to resolve problems with dialogs and maps that are checked out is to use the tasks ADSL and ADSM. These tasks can be entered at any 'Enter Next Task Code' prompt. ADSL can be used  to view the entities of any type checked out by any user. ADSM can be used to release checkouts. 

In some situations, these tasks may not be available. In that situation, one must look at the queue records to resolve a checkout problem. All checkouts are represented by queue records. To release the checkout, all you have to do is delete the queue record that represents this checkout, and the dialog (or application or map) will be released. The  command to delete the queue record is


The Queue ID is made up of 16 bytes.  The format of the name for check out queues is:

4 bytes for the type: $ADA for an ADSA application; $ADC for an ADS dialog; or $MPC for a map

8 bytes for the entity name

4 bytes version number

The entity name must be padded by spaces if the name is not 8 bytes long. The version number must be right-justified, with leading zeroes for a map and leading spaces for a dialog or application. 

The queue-id must be enclosed in single quotes if it contains spaces. 


 DCMT V QUEUE '$ADAMARKAPP 0001' DELETE                                       

IDMS DC265007 Vnnn USER:<user>  QUEUE NAME $ADAMARKAPP 0001 DELETED             

You can see a list of the existing Queues by typing task code QUED at ENTER NEXT TASK CODE

This command should be entered at an ENTER NEXT TASK CODE command, after you have established a connection to the dictionary where the dialog queue record is checked out.