PDA member missing keyword POM_REPORT


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Message RAP325E displayed on the Database Analyzer screen that points to POM_REPORT being missing from the PARMLIB member PDA.  What the default values for the keyword? Is there anything else needed to support this new feature?


Component: PDA


The message you are getting is just informational, its not stopping anything from working.  To stop it go into the main menu and type EP for Edit Parmlib for PDA or just update the CDBAPARM(PDA) member with: 

POM_REPORT (SETS) /* POM object list reports. */ 

                                /* (<ordered>,<unordered>) */ 

                                /* POM can generate an ordered */ 

                                /* and unordered objs reports */ 

                                /* where each report has its */ 

                                /* own format setting. The */ 

                                /* following keyword values are*/ 

                                /* available for both reports: */ 

                                /* NO = No report generated. */ 

                                /* Unordered rep default*/ 

                                /* SETS = Highest priority */ 

                                /* objects within their */ 

                                /* respective tablespace*/ 

                                /* -based object set. */ 

                                /* Ordered rep default. */ 

                                /* SETSPLUS = Same as SETS plus*/ 

                                /* condition value for */ 

                                /* each selected POC. */ 

                                /* ALL = All objects eligible */ 

                                /* for prioritization. */ 

                                /* ALLPLUS = Same as ALL plus */ 

                                /* condition value for */ 

                                /* each selected POC. */