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In the MSP New Driver, Master Projects cannot be saved back after a Resource's Calendar is Modified


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


In the MSP New Driver, master projects cannot be saved back to PPM after the calendar associated to a resource on one of the subprojects is modified. 


Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create two projects, p1 and p2 

2. Make p2 a subproject of p1 

3. Create a resource, r1, using the Standard 8h Calendar 

4. Create a task on p2, assign r1 

5. Open p1 with MSP 

6. Save p1 back to PPM. Note that the project saves back successfully.Close MSP. 

7. In PPM, go to Home > Resources and open r1's calendar 

8. Change the shifts on two days (example: November 24 and 25) so that the resource only works 4 hours (8AM-12PM) each day 

9. Open p1 with MSP 

10. Attempt to save the project back to PPM


Expected Results: The project saves back successfully. 

Actual Results: MSP hangs on the 'Sending XML data to PPM' step and the project cannot be saved back. 



Caused by CLRT-81346/DE29476


CA PPM 15.1


This issue is fixed on CA PPM and 15.2.