In MODVIEW, the CSECT Description does not match the module.


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CA Mainframe Application Tuner


We performed a sample of a job and while looking for an issue.  We saw this:

LC Module Csect Offset Length Csect Description L Pct

________ ________ ________ ______ _______________________ _ _____


__ IGWLHHLS 05968000 07EC00 UNIX system services (U A 0.00

__ IGWLHHLS IGWLHSUS 0002F750 001E30 Hls_suspend task or SRB 100.0

It indicates IGWLHHLS is Unix Systems services.  The fact is the module belongs to SMSVSAM.  Is this a reporting error?  We see no doc anywhere which puts this IBM module to UNIX as described in the TriTune output.


Component: MATUNE


As to the description, you are right in that the description is wrong. 

However, we find that according to the z/OS V2R2.0 MVS Diagnosis: Reference, page 15, IGW modules are part of DFSMS DFSMSdss. Not SMSVSAM, 

Now, in CA MAT we provide you the ability to modify the description yourself. You can go to the Administration option, select Associations filter on IGW and change it to whatever you want it to be.