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In the MSP Legacy Driver, Mapping of Team Object attributes only works in Import.


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In the Microsoft Project (MSP) Legacy Driver, mapping PRISOPEN on Team Object as Import/Export does not work in initial export. This happens whether creating the mapping in the DB (old method) or via the UI. If you update the field value in MSP, then it will map correctly after that.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.  In PPM, go to Administration->Project Management->MSP Field Settings

2.  Click New and enter the following:

Object Type: Team
Data Operation: Import and Export
MSP Field Name: Flag12

3.  Click Save and Return
4.  Create a new project and navigate to the Team tab
5.  Add a resource to the team

6.   Make the team member closed for Time Entry:

•If the column 'Open for Time' is not already visible on the Team list, go to Options->Configure
•Move 'Open for Time' from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns' and click Save and Return
•Then, update the Open for Time fields so that the resource has a check box (Open for Time Entry)

7.   Navigate to the Properties tab of the project.
8.   Select Open in Scheduler->Microsoft Project [Read-Write] to open the project in MSP in read/write
9.   Go to the View tab then select the view: 'Resource Sheet'
10.  Highlight a column, right click, select 'Insert Column', then select the column name 'Flag12'

Expected Result:  The resource's Flag12 value as: Yes (Open for Time)

Actual Result: The resource's Flag12 value shows as No (Closed for Time Entry). And, if you save the schedule back to PPM, it will uncheck 'Open for Time' in PPM.


This is working as designed. Mapping of attributes is case sensitive,for Open for Time Entry on the Team object, the attribute should be mapped as PPMAttribute: prIsOpen


MSP Legacy Driver


Update the mapping to reflect the correct capitalization for the attribute ID:

1.  In PPM, go to Administration->Project Management->MSP Field Settings

2. Delete the existing mapping for the Open for Time on the team object

3.  Click New and enter the following:

Object Type: Team 
Data Operation: Import and Export 
PPM Attribute: prIsOpen
MSP Field Name: Flag12

4.  Now the data will import/export correctly